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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Before & After Comfort House- BEFORE Pictures

We closed on our first house on the 15th of January and we truly feel blessed to finally have a home to come home to.
First order of business was to have the popcorn ceilings scraped and refinished.  We are very pleased with how they have come out.
Next, painting!  We are really looking forward to making this space our own!

 Living Room, view from kitchen.

 Not a fan of the foam green in the kitchen.
 Wallpaper has got to go! 
 Dining Room
 Entry way.   We have some cool plans for this.
 The Texas Room, aka Nursery.
 Unfortunately son 1s room is pink and purple currently.
 Guest bath.
 Nothing special about Master Bedroom yet.
 Hideous wallpaper.  But, oh the tub!
 That poor baby! 

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