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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Recommit & REST

Hey everyone,
So Bible reading has been minimal this last week.  Don't want to give excuses, but the last week's events have included:
1. Arm surgery to remove a lympoma
2. Trip to the E.R. for my son (which ended up being nothing)
3. Work and other obligations
4. And getting ready to spur our church onto a renewed commitment to Children's Ministry
5.  Getting sucked into the global conversation at the Lausanne Conference, online.

I am a bit worn.  And trying to recoup before it all starts again.  So, I am just going to reflect on rest tonight.  Not feel an obligation to read a Scripture.  I know what the Scriptures say about rest.  God rested when he created the earth.  I thought the other day...do I really think my work (personal/church/This is NOT Africa/Prop 19/etc.) is more important than CREATING THE EARTH?  If not, then why am I not taking a true Sabbath from it all?

It's so hard to rest in todays world.  With constant ads, dirty dishes, blogs to upkeep, facebook to check, profound things to tweet, etc.   Sometimes we just really need to UNPLUG!  I leave for Montana in 9 days and my plan is to unplug from it all, enjoy family, and rest. 

If God said to do it, we probably should listen.

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