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Monday, August 6, 2007

Sports Camp

Some how I ended up directing a kid's Sports Camp this year. This is strange because I never really played sports growing up, don't have any favorite teams, and really get quite bored watching games (yes...football, basketball...you name it.)
So, anyway, I ended up...by default, the director of a Sports Camp. It was actually really fun to see kids, ages 6-12, running around, playing soccer, basketball and cheer leading.
I have always disliked cheerleaders. I think it started in High School, because most of my girlfriends were 'Majorettes'...which were like the 'dance-team'. The Majorettes always disliked the cheerleaders...and thus, since I was friends with them, their dislike rubbed off on me.
But, this week my like for cheer leading was reborn when I saw a 6 year old performing a cheer about burritos. "Hey burrito, hey, hey, burrito!"
Anyway, you just never know how God will use your talents, do you? Someone who is totally unaware of sports ends up directing a camp for 40+ sporty-kids....God is good and gives us grace in our shortcomings....always!

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